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The 2021 Guide on Solar-powered Security Cameras

Security cameras can be placed anywhere in and around a building or your home to secure it from all manner of unwanted intruders. However, corded security cameras become useless when there is a power outage. Having a lot of them in a large area also becomes very costly due to cabling. There are battery-powered security cameras but the batteries need regular charging or replacement, which

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A Buyer’s Guide For Used Solar Panels

Is there a market for used solar panels? you ask. You would be surprised. The adage ‘one person’s trash is another man’s treasure’ holds true for used solar panels too. There is a thriving market

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The Best Guides in Solar Industry

How To Choose The Best Flexible Solar Panels

So you’ve decided to go with flexible solar panels. Which type of flexible solar panel should you choose – thin film or crystalline silicon? What are their pros and cons?  Which of these two should you select for a stationary and flat roof, a curved

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Types Of Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar

When it comes to solar, you need solar batteries that can provide dependable power under any condition. The batteries should have high capacity, good discharge rates, high round-trip efficiency and can be re-charged quickly.  All these traits are especially important for those who live off

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Are Solar Air Conditioners For RVs Feasible?

Oftentimes the term RV is associated with a motorhome. In truth, recreational vehicles or RVs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are motorized while some are not. Examples of non-motorized RVs are caravans, travel trailers, camper trailers, pop-up campers and fifth wheel trailers. Motorized

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Are Solar Shingles Worth It For 2021 and Beyond?

The simple answer to whether solar shingles are worth the investment is generally yes. Of course, this is dependent on several factors being fulfilled according to everyone’s unique requirements. These factors include your power needs and expectations from solar, the shape and size of your

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