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solar tracker

Solar Trackers: Are They Worth The Investment?

Have you ever noticed the movement of the sunflower along with the sun from east to west? This is to ensure that it captures maximum sunlight. Solar trackers implement the same technique in solar panels to maximise electricity production. A solar tracking system moves the panels to ensure that it changes directions as per the sun’s position. The article discusses more on solar trackers and

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Your Guide to the Solar Industry

solar panel kit

Solar Panel Kits – What Are They, Are They Worth It?

Solar panel kits are increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses looking to generate electricity from the sun. These kits come in various sizes and configurations. They offer the convenience of having all the necessary components in one package.  But are solar panel kits worth it?

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Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Wiring Guide

As people become increasingly aware of the need for renewable energy sources, solar power is a popular choice among those who want to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money on their energy bills.  However, setting up a solar panel system can be

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Solar Panels On a Flat Roof

Can You Install Solar Panels On a Flat Roof?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy produces zero direct pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, it’s arguably the most promising renewable energy resource.  Furthermore, solar is a great energy option for homes and buildings with disparate roof configurations. Despite what many often see or believe, solar panels

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Solar Power Bank

Solar Battery Bank: Do You Need One?

The power bank has been one of the most popular energy storage innovations. Solar battery banks are a great addition to your eco-friendly home. A battery bank may be the ideal way to save money by lowering your monthly electric bill further, regardless if you

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LaZer2 Solar

Solar Thermal Panels- A Complete Guide

Solar power is the best renewable source of power available to man. The energy derived from the sun can be converted into both thermal and electrical power based on the need. Solar power can be captured using a variety of means. The most widely used

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