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Pros and Cons of Solar Farms

Do you know that solar power is the most abundant and cleanest of all the different power sources available to the earth? This is the purest form of energy that comes from the sun, which is later transformed into electrical energy. Solar energy is captured by using a large array of solar panels. Sunlight that falls on the panels’ surface is directly converted into electrical

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Your Guide to the Solar Industry

Do solar panels work in winter

Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

In general, it is perceived that the ideal circumstances for solar energy generation is to have a bright sunny day with a clear sky.  This is the reason for the common misconception of solar panels being ineffective during winters. However, it might be interesting to

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How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Power Your Home?

In the past few decades, solar technology has garnered much traction in the public eye as people are becoming more aware of how renewable energy betters the environment.  Switching out traditional methods for a more sustainable source, such as solar energy, isn’t just great for

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Snail Trails on Solar Panels

Snail Trails on Solar Panels

Installing solar panels to power your home can be a great long-term investment. It cuts down the cost of your utility bill and reduces your carbon footprint towards a better environment.  However, solar panels aren’t always problem free during their lifespan. which may disrupt energy

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Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels have already created a name for themselves as one of the most readily available alternatives to fossil fuels.  So if you’re tired of spending too much on electricity bills and have an urge to go solar for your house, you must consider the

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Solar Panels for Homes

Your Complete Guide Before You Invest in One!

In the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 33% globally, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. This unprecedented growth is by no means a fluke. Reduced costs of solar panels, government incentives, and increasing environmental awareness have led to

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