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Understanding Solar Inverters

Every solar power system comes with a solar inverter as it is a main component of the system.  But is a solar inverter totally necessary for solar panels to function properly? How is this electrical gadget important and when can it be done away with? We answer all these questions to help you understand solar inverters better. What is a solar inverter? It is basically

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What Is BIPV?

    BIPV stands for ‘building-integrated photovoltaics.’ In other words, BIPV is about the integration of photovoltaics or solar technology in buildings, whereby PV elements become an integral part of permanent structures.  The trend of

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BIPV Future Prospects And Current Challenges

  Building Integrated Photovoltaics, or BIPV, is a form of photovoltaic technology where solar panels are incorporated into parts of a building. The PV panels serve the dual purpose of generating electricity while serving the

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The Best Guides in Solar Industry

What Is A Solar Farm?

As the name suggests, a solar farm is a ‘farm’ that harnesses solar power on a large scale. It is also known as a solar park or solar power station. The difference from other conventional farms is that a solar farm’s photovoltaic arrays are in

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The Types of Solar Power Plants Explained

Power plants can generate large amounts of energy in the form of electricity using a variety of resources. Some require raw materials such as coal, wood, fossil fuel, and metals such as uranium and plutonium. Some depend on the forces of nature such as moving

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The 3 Types of Solar Power System

Photovoltaic solar power plants can generate enough electricity to power an entire neighbourhood or more, depending on its size and capacity, and more importantly its system. There are three types of systems used by solar farms: off grid, on grid and hybrid. These systems can

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An Introduction to Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic technology has been continually fine tuned since the early 1900s. Progress in technology has not only made photovoltaics more effective but also much cheaper for the masses to use. Newer semiconductor materials are being explored to expand on the possibilities of greater solar energy

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What Are Solar Power Meters and How Do They Work?

Solar meters can indicate pyranometers, which are used to measure solar radiation flux density (W/m2), or any devices used to measure the kWh production from a photovoltaic (PV) system. What are solar power meters? A solar power meter is a device that can measure solar

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Solar Films: How do they work?

Solar films help decrease energy bills while increasing comfort. No matter the location, windows are one of the most significant assets of a house. Whether it is refreshing morning sun during winters or droplets during rainstorms, windows allow homeowners to experience different weather conditions. However,

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