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Solar Tubes: All You Need to Know

How do you get natural sunlight into a basement? With solar tubes! The basement is just an example of one of many interior spaces that can be lit up using…

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The main switch on a three-phase switchboard in Australia. (Source: Solar Quotes)

What Is A 3 Phase Solar Inverter?

You may have heard of 3 phase solar inverters and wondered what they might be. How are they different from the regular solar inverter? Three phase solar inverters are made…

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Understanding Power Optimizers

A power optimizer or solar optimizer is an electrical component that can be added into a solar power system. It is not a type of solar inverter, as it is…

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Types of Solar Inverters

The primary role of a solar inverter is to convert direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into appliance-friendly alternating current (AC) electricity. However, its role has expanded over the…

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Understanding Solar Inverters

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Every solar power system comes with a solar inverter as it is a main component of the system.  But is a solar inverter totally necessary for solar panels to function…

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What Is BIPV?

BIPV stands for ‘building-integrated photovoltaics.’ In other words, BIPV is about the integration of photovoltaics or solar technology in buildings, whereby PV elements become an integral part of permanent structures. …

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