Comprehensive FAQ on Solar Panel Installation in Orlando: All You Should Know


Florida truly earns its nickname as the Sunshine State, with cities like Orlando basking in 233 days of sunshine annually, surpassing the national average of 205 days. As such, solar power isn’t just a trend — it’s a practical solution to reducing your energy bills.

With Orlando’s ambitious aim of achieving 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050, the cityscape is evolving, featuring iconic attractions and an increasing number of solar panels embellishing rooftops.

Embracing solar energy isn’t just a choice; it’s a step towards sustainability in a state complete with solar potential and where electricity costs are 23% higher than the national average.

Popularity of solar panel installation in Orlando

Florida’s solar industry thrives, boasting over $9.6 billion in investments and 12,200 jobs by 2019. With 411 solar companies, the state ranks 4th in the USA for installed solar capacity, totalling 7,074 MW.

Federal and State incentives drive network expansion. Homeowners benefit from significant electric bill savings, with a 5kW system offsetting at least 80% of average bills.

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Orlando’s renewable and resilient roadmap

Orlando’s Renewable and Resilient Roadmap outlines the city’s commitment to sustainability and resilience. It encompasses strategies to transition to renewable energy sources while fortifying infrastructure against climate change impacts.

The roadmap aims to achieve 100% renewable energy for municipal operations by 2030 and city-wide by 2050, prioritizing solar power and energy efficiency initiatives.

By fostering stakeholder collaboration and leveraging innovative technologies, Orlando seeks to build a resilient and environmentally sustainable future for its residents and businesses.

For recent progress, see ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability’s 100% Renewable Case Study on Orlando.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

The City of OrlandoProperty Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program enables property owners to finance renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation upgrades through a special assessment of their property taxes.

This innovative financing model offers long-term, low-cost financing with no upfront costs, making it accessible for homeowners and businesses to invest in sustainable improvements.

Contact a PACE administrator to assist you in finding a contractor to assess your property and suggest energy upgrades.

Solar financing options in Orlando

In Orlando, various solar financing options empower residents to embrace renewable energy:

  • Solar leases: Residents pay a fixed monthly fee for solar panel usage.
  • Loans and financing programs: Flexible payment plans facilitate installation with minimal upfront costs.

Are there solar panel installation companies in Orlando?

Several companies for solar panel installations exist in Orlando, including:

  • SunPower: A leading solar energy company renowned for high-efficiency solar panels and comprehensive energy solutions.
  • Tesla Solar: A sector of Tesla, Inc., provides solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial properties, encompassing solar panels, energy storage systems, and solar roof tiles.
  • Solar-Ray: A reputable solar panel installation company in Florida specializing in residential and commercial solar projects with expert installation services.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is solar worth it in Orlando?

Solar energy is a worthwhile investment in Orlando due to its abundant sunshine. The city experiences ample sunlight year-round, making solar panels efficient for generating electricity and possibly lowering energy costs.

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Orlando?

The cost of installing solar panels in Orlando may fluctuate based on variables like the system’s size, the selected panel type, and any supplementary equipment or services needed.

A residential solar panel installation in Orlando costs between $12,850 to $29,450, or from $2.57 to $5.89 per watt. Notably, these figures do not yet factor in potential tax credits or incentives that may further offset the cost.

Can I get a free solar panel installation in Orlando?

While free solar panel installations are rare, programs or incentives that can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket costs for installing solar panels in Orlando may be available.

It’s advisable to research available rebates, tax credits, and financing options to determine the most cost-effective solution for your situation.

What are the Federal Tax Credit, solar incentives, and rebates in Orlando, FL?

Orlando residents may be eligible for several tax credits, solar incentives, and rebates. These include:

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC): Orlando residents could be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% of the expenses for a solar panel system installed on residential or commercial properties, thanks to the Federal Investment Tax Credit.
  • Florida Sales Tax Exemption: Solar energy equipment, including solar panels, is exempt from the 6% state sales tax in Florida, further reducing the overall installation cost for Orlando residents.
  • 100% Property Tax Exemption: Installing a solar panel system in Orlando may also include a property tax exemption. This means that the added value to your property from the solar panels won’t increase your property taxes, providing long-term savings.

What are the financial incentives available for commercial solar panel installation in Orlando?

Commercial properties in Orlando may qualify for incentives similar to those for residential properties, including the Federal Investment Tax Credit and potentially additional local incentives or rebates.

Businesses should consult solar installers and financial advisors to explore available incentives and financing options tailored to their needs.

Are there local Orlando initiatives or programs supporting solar panel installation?

Orlando residents can benefit from initiatives or programs promoting solar panel installation and renewable energy adoption. These include:

Does my Orlando home insurance include coverage for solar panels?

It’s essential to review your home insurance policy to determine whether it includes coverage for solar panels. In some cases, coverage may be included automatically. In contrast, in others, you may need to purchase additional coverage or endorsements to protect your solar panel investment against damage or theft.

Do I need a permit to install solar panels in Orlando?

In Orlando, obtaining a permit is necessary to install solar panels. The exact procedures and prerequisites for permitting may differ based on factors like the system’s size.

It’s advisable to work with a licensed solar installer who can assist with obtaining the required permits and ensuring that you comply with local building codes. Check out thepermit checklist and fee schedule for more information.

Which type of solar panel is best for home use in Orlando, FL?

The best type of residential solar panels in Orlando depends on various factors, including budget, available space, energy efficiency goals, and aesthetic preferences.

Typical types of solar panels comprise monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels, each presenting distinct benefits and considerations. Seeking guidance from a reputable solar installer can help you identify the optimal choice for your requirements and situation.


Benefiting from plentiful sunshine and a dedication to renewable energy, Orlando leads the way in embracing solar power.

The city’s progressive initiatives, such as the Renewable and Resilient Roadmap and the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program, demonstrate a solid dedication to sustainability.

With federal and state incentives, Orlando offers a fertile environment for solar panel installation, empowering residents and businesses to embrace clean energy solutions. As the city marches towards its 100% renewable energy goal, the future brightens for solar energy in Orlando.

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