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Dye Sensitized Solar Cells – The Latest Class of Photovoltaic Cell Technology

Imagine producing electricity without the sun. That is what dye sensitized solar cells can do. This third generation solar cell can generate electricity under low light conditions. More importantly, it can do so using indoor lighting. However, the use of dye sensitized solar cells does not come without its own challenges. Research in photovoltaic technology is ongoing to improve its relatively low efficiency rate compared

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A Buyer’s Guide For Used Solar Panels

Is there a market for used solar panels? you ask. You would be surprised. The adage ‘one person’s trash is another man’s treasure’ holds true for used solar panels too. There is a thriving market

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The Best Guides in Solar Industry

Are Solar Shingles Worth It For 2021 and Beyond?

The simple answer to whether solar shingles are worth the investment is generally yes. Of course, this is dependent on several factors being fulfilled according to everyone’s unique requirements. These factors include your power needs and expectations from solar, the shape and size of your

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Solar Turbines – The Types and Pros & Cons

Most electricity is currently produced by thermal power plants, operating based on the principles of thermodynamics. These plants produce power using turbines, which run on various conventional fuels, such as methane, crude oil, liquid natural gas, and so on.  However, the use of such fuels

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All About Solar Air Conditioners

As the summers get hotter and the weather gets more humid in various parts of the world, the air conditioning unit has become an increasingly essential item for homes. However, running one or a few units can be costly. About 12% of an average home’s

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DIY Solar Panels – To Do or Not To Do?

Doing it yourself (DIY) is usually a cheaper option for many things. But what about DIY solar panels for home use? Is it really cheaper to DIY than to engage a professional solar installer? In most cases, this is true. Solar panel installations can cost

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Best Small Solar Panels For Specific Needs

There are many options out there now for small sized solar panels. However, there is a lack of standardisation on what is considered a small solar panel. Type ‘small solar panel’ in a search engine and you’ll get solar panels as tiny as 0.5 watts

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Solar Tubes: All You Need to Know

How do you get natural sunlight into a basement? With solar tubes! The basement is just an example of one of many interior spaces that can be lit up using solar tubes. Skylights can do the same thing too, but they are slightly different when

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