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The 2021 Guide on Solar-powered Security Cameras

Security cameras can be placed anywhere in and around a building or your home to secure it from all manner of unwanted intruders. However, corded security cameras become useless when there is a power outage. Having a lot of them in a large area also becomes very costly due to cabling. There are battery-powered security cameras but the batteries need regular charging or replacement, which

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A Buyer’s Guide For Used Solar Panels

Is there a market for used solar panels? you ask. You would be surprised. The adage ‘one person’s trash is another man’s treasure’ holds true for used solar panels too. There is a thriving market

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The Best Guides in Solar Industry

Solar Films: How do they work?

Solar films help decrease energy bills while increasing comfort. No matter the location, windows are one of the most significant assets of a house. Whether it is refreshing morning sun during winters or droplets during rainstorms, windows allow homeowners to experience different weather conditions. However,

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How do solar cells work?

In 1839, physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect while experimenting with a cell made of metal electrodes in a conducting solution. He noted that the cell generated more electricity when exposed to light.  Albert Einstein had to bring attention to solar energy and its

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How to calculate solar cell efficiency?

Solar radiation is electromagnetic radiation released by the Sun. While every area on Earth receives some sunlight over the year, the amount of solar radiation that reaches any spot on the Earth’s surface differs. Solar cells catch this radiation and transform it into useful forms

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How to Select a Solar Charge Controller?

For most people, solar power generators are a simple proposition – they work until the sun shines. Connect them with a compatible set of equipment and let them out in the sun. They will do the rest themselves. But what to do when you want

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