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All About Solar Air Conditioners

As the summers get hotter and the weather gets more humid in various parts of the world, the air conditioning unit has become an increasingly essential item for homes. However, running one or a few units can be costly. About 12% of an average home’s energy consumption in the United States is due to air conditioning. The use of this electrical item not only puts

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The Best Guides in Solar Industry

All About Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells (TFPV)

The year was 1972 – Solar Power Corporation just saw the light of the day. And then, the year 1973 saw the birth of the Solarex Corporation and the first photovoltaic system for domestic purposes got the green light at the University of Delaware. These

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How to Build a Solar Generator?

The world is moving towards clean energy. And one of the most pristine and abundant one accessible to everyone is from the sun. Even though a full-fledged solar panel requires a hefty cost which can be beyond a middle-class family, all of us can build

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