Top 10 Solar Products for Home That You Must Invest Into
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Solar energy uses sunlight to create photovoltaic power for solar heating. This conversion allows solar cells to be used to power several products.

Solar power is more practical than ever for homes. It is a convenient and affordable option, lowering carbon footprint and reducing utility bills.

Top 10 solar products to consider for your home

1. Solar Powered Phone Chargers

These phone chargers also charge devices like iPads, Tablets, GoPro, eBooks, and anything that uses a USB charger. 

To use your devices on a long trip, sit by the window, and soak up that sunlight. The device will be ready to use for days at a time.

Most solar-powered phone chargers have more than one USB port, so more than one device can be charged at a time. Get a solar-powered phone charger with a built-in flashlight for added benefit.

Most solar-powered chargers have LED lights, which show the charging status. At a glance, you can know whether it’s charging by solar, USB, or even when the device is fully charged.

2. Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor lighting serves several purposes and benefits for residential homes. It can add style, complement a building, create the perfect ambience, and give a presentation that wards off possible threats.

Outdoor solar lights are incredibly cost-efficient because they operate by rechargeable batteries via the sun and do not require any digging, trenching, or wiring. 

Using LED bulbs helps consumers look to cut back spending since they generally last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy.

Solar lights are a simple way to lower carbon footprint. Aside from using converted energy from the sun, solar-powered lights are also eco-friendly due to the materials they are made from.

3. Solar Water Heater

By using a solar water heater, there’s a corresponding reduction in pollution. A 50% reduction in traditional energy use means a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. So installing a solar water heater would reduce hot-water carbon footprint by half. 

The heater is usually installed on the terrace or an area where sunlight is accessible. The water is heated during the day and saved in a tank for later usage.

When no hot water has been used for a day or two, the collectors and storage fluid can reach high temperatures in all non-drainback systems. 

When the storage tank in a drainback system reaches its desired temperature, the pumps stop, ending the heating process and preventing the storage tank from overheating.

Electric bills can be reduced because of the reduction in electric consumption. Besides, you can get hot water even if you face power cuts since there is no need to depend on electricity for the hot water.

4. Solar Cooker

Solar cooking is a method of preparing food that uses free energy from the sun as a fuel source. It is the perfect way to cook outdoors, whether you are camping, in an emergency, or during a power outage.

Although it takes longer for the food to cook in a solar cooker, the time it takes to prepare and clean is greatly lessened. Furthermore, due to the slow nature of cooking food never gets burnt on the pots/pans. 

When cooking food with low heat, vitamins, and other nutrients don’t break down. Solar cooked foods are free of mutagens and carcinogens produced by high-heat methods.

Solar cookers are portable and can be placed anywhere. When not in use, it can be folded and kept in the store.

5. Solar-powered refrigerator 

A solar-powered refrigerator runs directly by the power absorbed in the solar panels via solar energy. The solar fridge’s basic functioning is similar to traditional refrigerators, but the fine line of difference is its power source. 

The solar panel needs at least 5 hours of sunlight daily to have enough energy. It can also store the extra amount of sunlight in its panels to power the refrigerator for a week. Most of the solar-powered refrigerators come with a supplement battery for backup.

Solar is widely considered as one of the safest forms of energy formation. In keeping with this, solar fridges commonly operate on only 12v/24v instead of higher dangerous voltages.

6. Solar Attic Fan

A solar attic fan is a sun-powered ventilation system that draws superheated air out of the attic, replacing it with cooler air from the outside. 

If your attic tends to get hot during the summer, a solar attic fan is the quickest way to cool down the room, as well as the entire house. 

Since it’s solar powered, this ventilation system doesn’t have complicated electrical wiring like other attic fans.

In cold weather, the attic is a place where moisture usually condenses. This can cause all sorts of moisture-related damage, including rot, mold, or mildew. The solar attic fan can reduce and eliminate moisture from your property. 

Unlike other attic fans, the solar attic fan doesn’t make any noise. This means you can enjoy your cool and comfortable indoor environment calmly.

7. Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Solar security cameras use a solar panel to get power and require no electric sources or cablings. You can get the best from natural resources to charge and run solar-powered security camera systems without subscription charges or monthly fees by utilizing solar power.

Since a solar security camera is powered by collecting the sun’s energy, the issue of having no electricity is no longer a problem. So, as long as the user installs the solar panel camera correctly, the security camera can accumulate and store enough power to keep it running endlessly.

Most solar panel cameras also come with a battery backup power unit to counterbalance cloudy days, preventing the solar energy from reaching the solar panels fully.

8. Solar inverter

A solar inverter can be interpreted as an electrical converter that changes the uneven DC (direct current) output of a solar panel into an AC (alternating current). These inverters have some functions with PV arrays like tracking of utmost power points & protection of anti-islanding.

A solar inverter converts the electricity from your solar panels into power that can be used by the plugs in your house for your TV, computer, and other electrical products.

Although the initial cost of implementing a solar inverter is huge, it is purely a one-time cost as the usual lifespan of a solar inverter ranges from 20-25 years.

By having a solar inverter at home, one can help diminish the greenhouse impact, and it is also financially effective because it can reduce the electricity bills.

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9. Solar-Powered Bird Bath, Fish Pond and Lawn Fountain

Products like bird baths, fish ponds, and lawn water fountains are kept outdoors in the garden, which means it is all ready to soak up sunlight. 

Running electrical cords to ponds and fountains can be dangerous. With cord-free solar power, the yard will be much safer.

There are two types of pumps for solar-powered garden products: floating pumps and submerged pumps. A floating pump works excellent for bird baths and a submerged pump for a lawn fountain or a fish pond.

Unlike many bubblers that keep ponds and birdbaths going, solar pumps are almost always silent. Solar powered pumps have a long lifespan because they’re low-maintenance and don’t require rewiring every couple of years.

10. Solar chimney 

A solar chimney gives homeowners a natural way of improving ventilation in the house. The chimney consists of a vertical shaft typically painted black to allow greater absorption of solar energy. 

During the day, the chimney and surrounded air are heated by solar energy. This creates an updraft in the chimney.

During the hot summer months, the chimney operates as a useful heat lowering device. It is a resourceful way of utilizing easily accessible solar energy for domestic needs. 

Once installed, the chimney works independently. There is no need to switch on and off or adjust the settings. It is a stand-alone feature that operates with no manual involvement. All that is required is solar energy, which is abundantly available.


Assuredly, the sun is a great energy source. Even though we cannot collect all of the energy, harnessing this power by installing solar panels can make a meaningful difference to the planet.

What’s important is that those who are energy conscious take every opportunity to use solar powered products to save energy and reduce carbon footprint. There is a wide variety of solar-powered products available today, with many more arriving soon. 

Whether you use a solar-powered phone charger or you decorate the yard with solar-powered lights, you are making a difference to this environment.

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